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Hankook IceBear W300Hankook Icebear W300

Hankook 70th Anniversary logoThe Icebear W300 relies on an asymmetrical pattern design to respond to slippery winter weather conditions, from wet and frigid surfaces to snow andice.

Multi- and thin sipes enhance winter weather performance while the outer longitudinal rib block provides exceptional breaking and cornering. Silica compound combines with multi-circumferential grooves for lower rolling resistance, solid grip and responsive handling on wet and icy surfaces.

A "H/VR"-grade, UHP winter tire. Designed for all possible winter road conditions, its asymmetric tread pattern enables high speed driving even in the winter.

Equipped with a Diagonal Serrated Band.

Meets the strict snow service requirement of the
Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA)

Winter i*cept evo W310

Winter i*cept evo is a winter tire with a sporty look developed for high performance and sports cars. This dynamic looking tire provides excellent performance under winter weather conditions. The Winter i*cept evo relies on the asymmetrical pattern to respond to slippery winter weather conditions, including wet and frigid road surfaces and snow and ice.

A High-Technology Tread compound enhances winter weather performance while the outer longitudinal rib block provides exceptional braking and cornering. Tame the winter roads with Hankook's innovative Winter i*cept evo.

Winter i*cept evo features & construction

  • The latest generation in ultra-high-performance winter tyres
  • Asymmetrical “Dual-Function” tread design combines outstanding dry handling with optimum grip on wet surfaces
  • 3D kerf technology guarantees superb driving stability and excellent traction on snow and ice
  • Innovative tread design and new silica technology ensure minimum rolling noise and high cost-effectiveness
  • Equipped with rim protection ridge (UHP segment only)


Icebear W300 & Winter I Cept


IceBear W440

Silica compound is applied to enhance wet traction performance and rolling resistance. SCCT (Stiffness Control Contour Theory) applied to improve handling and belt, bead endurance.

An optimal footprint shape is achieved through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and ensures even wear and excellent winter performance. The fashionable and attractive sidewall design matches well with any cars.

Winter i*Pike

Eco-friendly winter tire accredited with the prestigious Nordic environmental Swan Mark. Specifically designed low PAH oil formulas used during production promote cutting edge environmentalism by drastically reducing cancer-causing toxins.

Optimized arrangement of six row stud pins reduces noise and boosts snow handling, traction and acceleration performance.

Hankook's newest high performance winter tire, with its 'v' - shaped tread design, delivers exceptional traction and control for all winter driving conditions. Studdable Winter Radial.

Equipped with a Diagonal Serrated Band.

Meets the strict snow service requirement of the
Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA).

Winter i*cept

Innovative winter studless tire delivers reliable driving on icy roads. Specifically designed for slippery road conditions, the Winter I*cept is the smart choice for winter driving as a special fiber with powerful spike pin capabilities and silica which retains elasticity in cold weather give the tire superb traction.

Awarded with the renowned Nordic Eco-Swan Label.

The Perfect Winter Tyre For Vans stock a full range of winter wheels and tyres for use in the cold and during winter. It is worth noting that winter wheels and tyres are not just for the use in winter, but are recommended when the temperature drops below 7’c. Winter tyres are much better on slush, ice, frost and even wet roads than standard summer tyres. You can see this from the tread pattern design on the tyre, compared to standard summer tyres. Any time the temperature drops below +7deg you’re better off on winter tyres due to the nature of the rubber compound.

Why Winter Wheels & Tyres ?

We recommending having a specific set of winter wheels in addition to your standard alloy wheels. This way, all you have to do is to swap your wheels over. When the winter weather starts you simply swap to your winter tyres until the spring (or when the weather improves). As you will not be driving on your winter wheels and tyres all year round you will be able to use the same winter wheels and tyres for many years.

Why Winter Wheels ?

Alloy wheels designed for the winter are normally a very smooth and an easy to clean design. They will be finished in one colour and will not have any polished areas which are susceptible to corrosion as well as small rivets or mutable spokes to trap dirt. Hence winter wheels are durable and easy to keep clean during the winter season.

Can I Use Winter Wheels & Snow Tyres All Year Round ?

Winter Tyres in The UK: Yes you can use winter tyres all year round in the UK. There would be a small difference in dry braking in really hot conditions, but this would be balanced with better braking in the wet and cold. Likewise the softer compound might wear more quickly in the summer, but this is balanced with better wear rates in the winter.


Continental’s Tyres for Snow Range

Did you know that you are six times more likely to have a prang in your car during the winter months? Slippery leaves on wet roads, followed by snow and ice, create hazardous winter driving conditions and increase accidents on the road by as much as 267%!

Last winter we saw the UK covered in a blanket of snow but it is not only during icy conditions that your tyres become unsafe. Why use winter tyres in the UK ? Normal tyres contain a rubber compound that can start to harden at temperatures below 7°C. This reduces grip on cold, damp or wet roads, meaning longer stopping distances. Continental’s winter tyres, however, contain a cold-resistant rubber compound, as well as a special tread pattern, designed to increase grip below 7°C and reduce braking distances.

With temperatures dipping below 7°C from October through to March, waiting for the first snowfall before switching to winter tyres may be too late. Using cold weather tyres throughout autumn and winter could help you avoid becoming another accident statistic.

Braking on Wet Roads from 62mph (100km/h) to Rest


Below 7°C braking distances are shorter on wet roads with winter tyres

Count the Cost of an Accident

Winter tyres are not just for snow and icy conditions, they also provide higher levels of road safety on cold, damp road surfaces. If you take into account how much an accident would cost you – insurance excess, recovery costs and lost time – it makes sense to invest in a set of winter tyres.


Winter Tyres for High Performance Cars

There are two Continental winter tyre products designed to meet the needs of high performance cars and help ensure optimum winter driving safety.

New ContiWinterContactTM TS 830 P

  • Ideal for wet and dry handling on wintry roads
  • Specially developed to react to the steering inputs from the ESC on the vehicle, the tyre responds quickly to steering and braking commands
  • The outside of the tyre provides firm grip when cornering and responds sensitively to steering commands
  • The inside of the tyre tread is designed to form a large number of gripping edges to provide maximum power transfer for starting and braking on icy road surfaces
  • Numerous channels between the tread bars ensure fast drainage of the contact area in wet conditions
  • Available in rims sizes from 15 to 19 inches

ContiWinterContactTM TS 810 Sport

  • Chosen by many of the leading car manufacturers
  • Optimum dry braking and improved handling for performance vehicles from stiff tread block design
  • Combines good wet grip and safe driving characteristics on cold, wintry roads
  • Available in rim sizes from 15 to 20 inches

Further Information on the Continental Winter Tyre Range can be found here: 


Looking for Tyres for Snow ?

At we have a wide range of tyres for use in snow and winter conditions. If you cannot find the snow tyres you are looking for on our website please feel free to call us.